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Hockley & Dawson, Consulting Engineers

Hockley & Dawson, Consulting Engineers

A slick new website for Surrey based Consulting Engineers - Hockley & Dawson...

Hockley & Dawson's 'old' website that we designed about 7 years ago had done well - our clean design had lasted the test of time, but it was now very much time for a new website.

With so many exciting changes in the website world in the last few years, not to mention the 5 years before that(!), there were many ideas put forward and discussed with our longstanding client in their beautiful barn complex.

With a new very proactive lady in charge of online preceedings, with a favour for a marketing and social network side of things, all sorts of cool things were put on the table. After much thought we came up with the idea of showcasing some of their wonderful project photos on the home page with minimal copy accompanying them and displayed using a cutting-edge jQuery effect and presentation. 

We couldn't push the bounderies of the website design too much due to budget restraints, which unfortunately meant that the inner pages could not sustain the cleverness of the home page but we still managed to integrate a subtle touch of jQuery in the most usable fashion. 

We had an interesting 'debate' with one of the Directors regarding our idea of background photos on the inner pages, of which we had knocked up an example using one of Photoshop's Filter effects which gave an amazing 'A Scanner Darkly' effect (animated movie starring Keanu Reeves). It was not liked despite our hardest efforts and pleas! At the end of the day, we will never move onto a build stage until our clients are 100% happy with their designs. 

The end product was a timely delivery for H&D's 50th Anniversary. Oh yes, and we also modernised their logo, created some stationery templates and designed a lovely 50th Anniversary badge.

In the end we were extremely happy with the how the home page turned out and indeed the whole site, but would have preferred the use of background images for the inner pages alongside some semi-tranlucient panels contianing the text.

With an easy to use custom made content management system (CMS), Hockley & Dawson administrators can now change their home page images and the text and links that accompany them and manage their entire Projects and Case Studies pages, whenever they like. They also have a blog that is fully manageable, social network links and a Twitter feed. 

Now our client is in the driving seat it's all down to them!

If you would like a website that incorporates the very latest in web design and custom made to suit your business requirements we would be happy to hear from you.