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Tara Michelle Interiors

Tara Michelle Interiors

For those that know us it probably comes as no surprise that we quite like indulging in designing cutting edge websites. Ones that we can really get our teeth into and sometimes if we're lucky can get away with pushing the limits of website technology.

Yes we'll try in vain to make a windows & conservatory company site look as sexy as possible but that isn't really what we're talking about. We're talking about the kind of client that calls us and says...

"Hi, my name is Tara Michelle, I have a very swish interior design business serving clients in the most expensive properties in the best parts of London. Half of the business is interior design for new or existing residents, the other half is 'dressing to sell' for residents looking to make a good sale and move on. I have loads of amazing photos of room sets full of super elegant and top notch furniture."

That's what we are talking about!

From a design point of view it really does come down to budget and unfortunately it wasn't high enough for us to really go to town. Still, we presented the site with a clean, cool and chic look & feel.

We look forward to the time when Tara's business flourishes and she decides to ask us to go to town on a site re-design. 

Tara Interiors