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Below are the most popular questions we are asked. We hope your question is featured. If not please contact us and we will be happy to help.

Becoming A Client

I'm keen to move my website to you. How easy would it be to transfer my existing domain names and email?

Very easy. All we need are the details of your current web company and where your hosting and domain names are being looked after. We will then contact the relevant parties and sort it out on your behalf.

How much does a website cost?

A common misconception is that the more pages there are, the higher the cost will be, but this is not true if all the pages take on the same design and layout. The best answer is that it purely depends on the scale of design and functionality required. The difference between a design that takes 1 day and a design that takes 5 days is enormous in terms of quality and detail, and from a technical point of view - every extra function required takes more time to develop.

Like all agencies we have an hourly rate and base our quotes on that multiplied by how long we estimate the works to take. Once we asertain all your requirements we will be able to offer you an initial ballpark figure. If approved we will then write you a free detailed proposal.

Where are your design, development and support teams based?

All individuals in our team are based in England and no work is contracted to foreign places.

My company is not based locally to you. Does that matter?

Absolutely not. We create websites and offer our usual great customer service to clients who live anywhere. We have clients all over, including in London, Plymouth, Ireland and one in the US.

Once a website has been made is that it?

Not at all - that is only the start. After your website has been lauched on the Internet you are now an important client of ours and from that point onwards we take a keen interest in your business online with regular contact, suggesting new ideas and carrying out updates.

Our Company

When did The Good Website Company start operating?

Way back in 2004. Since then we have experienced pretty much every type of enquiry, client and project and have perfected everything. Now couldn't be a better time to ask us to produce a website for you. Giles Briggs, Founder and Creative Director of The Good Website Company started in website design in 1999.

How many people are there in your company?

The Good Website Company currently consists of 3 Designers, 2 Developers, 1 Project Manager, 1 Creative Director, 2 Marketing/PR experts and 1 Copywriter. Our skilled team are capable of producing any type and scale of website.

Where can I find out more about your company?

Lots more information about us can be found on our About page

Our Services

What services do you specialise in?

Most of our business is with Website design & development. As graphic designers we can produce many different things as well as websites, such as logos, business cards, info graphics, magazine adverts, email templates etc. As developers we can follow any technical spec to produce stunning websites, database driven content management systems, e-commerce websites and any other kind of Internet and Intranet based sites and systems.

Do you provide website hosting?

Yes. Most of our cients are benefiting from our hosting services. We choose the best server for your website. For more details see Associated Services - Hosting.

Do you provide email?

Yes. Many of our clients are benefiting from our email services. We provide the latest IMAP, webmail and exchange email protocols to suit your business and staff requirements. We will take your business domain name and incorporate it with your choice of mailboxes and then support you with setting it all up on your preferred email client. For more details see Associated Services - Email.

Who We Work For

Do you service any specific industry or business types?

Although we are experienced with creating websites for the bookseller/publisher sector, we enjoy offering our services to all business types, all budgets and all requirements. Just see our Clients page!

This Website

Why do the background images keep changing every time I view a new page?

Have a look in the 'background photos' panel found at the top right of our website. This shows all our favourite photos of the moment. The selected photo is highlighted with a white border. Each time a new page is selected a new photo is chosen at random. If you particularly like a photo and want it to remain as a background image simply tick the box entitled 'fix photo for entire site'.

As demonstrated on our site this feature can be an effective feature for certain business websites that want to show off their best products. We have used it to good effect on

There's so many things I've seen on your website that I want on mine! How do I go about this?

Please contact us to discuss your requirements. We may be able to inherit your existing site and work with it or design a new one for you. Either way, we will offer you initial costings in a free proposal for you to decide if you would like to become a client.